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Default Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

The Jerry Jones debate has grown tiresome over the years:

"If you didn't have jerry, you wouldn't have three super bowls and a great stadium"

Is he a good owner? is he a nightmare?
Overall: Good for Dallas? Bad for Dallas? which is it?

Well, I'm gonna use the rule of 20 when my opinion of JJ's legacy is finally written in stone...
because I don't known how I should feel about this guy yet.

The rule of 20 works like this: (regarding every professional sports team in the USA.)
(once talked about on 1310 the thicket)

Once your team/organization has established it's self as the champion (or have an amazing run)...
and 20 years have passed... they better have another championship (or run) to show for it...

If not a championship... something that your fans are gonna remember forever.
(uhm... like the Titans... didn't win the championship, but they got damn close)

MAVS probably have 25 years before I start demanding another title.

And hell... I'm not even asking for a Super Bowl Ring... Just get us to the f*cking NFC
championship game,... for the love of God that's all I want (and don't get blown out).

Is that too much to ask for or am I still being greedy?

Jerry Jones... if it's 2015 and you still haven't gotten us to the NFC championship game...
may you burn in hell forever you son of a b*tch.
(okay,.. maybe that's a little extreme... but I'm still p*ssed off
about the way Jimmy Johnson left this organization... )

In other words... I'm not gonna turn in my star... don't think I can ever do that...
I'll suffer for 86 years like some of those Red Sox fans did.

BUT.... BUT.... if 20 years have gone by and we still haven't gotten a
NFC championship game appearance? Jerry Jones....
you're gonna have to win my $Money$ back.

I will not by your tickets, your jerseys, T-Shirrts... baseball caps...
I may not even Buy Papa Johns Pizza anymore. (and I love their pizza)

I'll always give you my time/attention... but after 2015, not my money...

You want my money after 2015 Jerry Jones? earn it.

end rant...


good night...

see you in Baltimore 2 weeks from now.

F*ck You Cowboys.

Thank you John Shango for illustrating my point better than I can.
(even though I didn't agree with 100% of what you said in both vids)

(Next rant or discussion will cover The Cowboys Stadium ...
and how much of home field advantage do we really have there
compared to other teams?... I love that place, but it sure as $hit
doesn't give our team much of an advantage. )

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