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Default Re: Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo says this season is about winning

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Bryan Colangelo is the primary problem with this franchise.

1) Frankly squeeking into the palyoffs and getting eliminated MAY BE preferable because at least we keep our draft pick (to Houston protected) this season in what is "generally said" to be decent crop of youngsters. With Derozan coming due - Ross an uncertainty - so many questions - even a 12th round pick for depth at the wing may be a desparate need.

2) This above by Qwyjibo....

Two years ago I was a huge supporter of BC for stability sake. Franchise stability and frankly a second chance cause he put a good team on the floor vis a vis Calderon/ Garbahosa / et al circa 2006

Since then he has:

- drafted Val....Ed Davis... Derozan...(unproven today)


- dumped Joe Johnson a late 1st round with hustle for a 2nd rounder
- let Weems go for nothing - Weems being derozans buddy i guess and seemingly important in the culture of the NBA
- let Bayliss go for nothing
- drafted Ross when he was available much further down the draft. He could have even fliped picks and cash for the difference.
- didnt draft Drummond. Drummond and Calderon would have been a package multiple teams would have made a deal on
- traded a 1st round pick (Lottery projected 6th) for Lowry when he could have made some sort of deal with Houston on draft day involving swapping picks with Lowry and other parts.

Frankly his performance since 1st two seasons is dreadful.

His final moment of truth is Calderon.

The deal he makes on aquiring talent and or picks for Calderon is the pinacle of being recorded as a good GM or worst in franchise history.

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