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Default Re: Resident Evil 6 Announced.

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Picking it up on the way home from work tonight. Reviews I've seen have ranged from good to very good, but always short of excellent. Co-Op sounds like it's a major part of the gameplay, which for me is not particularly exciting, but I have another buddy who's a big fan. A big fan like he pre-orders it big fan, so maybe I can convince him to play with me. But seeing as we're both in our mid-thirties, it's not the gaming experience we grew up with for one, and for two, it's not always easy to find the time to play together, but we'll see.

I look forward regardless.

I'm with you on this Thorpe. I'll try to squeeze in some co-op when I have someone available but for the most part I'll go at it solo.

I don't mind Capcom getting ambitious with this title and giving us a lot of game for our buck. Yes, it might be rough around certain edges...but I'm still looking forward to completing the game with some tried and true characters.
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