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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

Paul Millsap asked today if #Jazz would be first choice in contract year.Seemed floored by question and said, "why wouldn't they be?"

Adam Mikulich (@AdamMikulich) October 1, 2012
Millsap was even "flattered" by the Jazz' maximum-allowed-under-the-new-CBA contract extension. And of course, the Jazz just hired his personal trainer, Johnnie Bryant, as a team's development coach. In his interview with Locke, Millsap talked about the ballhandling and off-the-dribble work he's done this summer to expand his potential on the perimeter, naturally in the small forward position he played significant time in at the end of last season.

In short, there's a lot pointing towards Millsap staying around beyond this summer. And given Millsap's talent and contribution to the team's success, his presence will help ensure a winning Jazz future.
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