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Default Re: I travel to Japan twice a year, ask me anything...

Originally Posted by RaininTwos
Is Tokyo as great as everyone says it is?

what do you think about their infrastructure in comparison to the united states?

As a New Yorker, did you get that holy shit overwhelming feeling when you visited edo?

Tokyo is MASSIVE. It's also attached to Kawasaki which is attached to Yokohama so it's even more massive (it's like a never ending city). Do you like massive metro areas which great transportation? Do you like never ending supplies of businesses of every shape and size? Do you like different areas with different sub cultures all their own? Do the crowds not bother you? (Tokyo is freaking crowded, if that's an issue you'll hate it). It's a trip. I live in NY and NY is nowhere near as large or busy as Tokyo. It's not friendly though, and it's somewhat of a sterile vibe in some places. But Shibuya is a trip, Roppongi is fun, Ginza for more high end. I love it. (Note: I stay in Yokohama but i've spent a ton of time in Tokyo).

If you ever go let me know and we can talk more specifics. Listening to you personally, i think you would have fun.

The infrastructure is better than in the US. There is a subtle taxation going on that subsidizes everything, sometimes directly (trains are expensive and you pay per distance, if you have a car you need to pay a parking space tax) and sometimes indirectly (products are more expenses, the govt. is clearly taking on the back end). But it's clean, the trains go everywhere and are on time, it's all just very efficient. Anytime i come back home to NY the trains irritate me.

There are a bunch of places where the historical impact is WOW. The history there is very long (like it Europe) whereas my country (US) has a relatively short and modern history. My wife is really into that so we get to see some cool stuff, less now because my kids are small.
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