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Default Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

IDK I can't judge the Claiborne pick yet, it is too early

I'll tell you this though, the yearly "Jerry Jones is the problem" is the most tiresome debate ever...every single year the Cowboys lose a game we point our finger at Jerry

the only way no one points at Jerry?...we go 16-0 win a SB

It's just a yawner now

and when Jerry is gone everyone will do the same thing to his son...

I would much rather talk about the players and the things that can change rather than the ownership which will NEVER EVER EVER will always be owned by the Jones family and there is nothing anyone can do about it, and you know what, I am happy with it because they care. Their life is football, I would rather have that then an owner that doesn't know his own team.

Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones are the same thing...Cuban is fresh off a ring though, but just wait 5 years from now, everyone will point at him when we don't have another ring, claim he is awful, etc...

Jones and Cuban aren't awful owners, or even awful managers...wish fans could just leave them out of debates and talk about the players instead...
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