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Default Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

(rant back on)

I think Cowboy fans fail to grasp the fact that it's f*cking hard to win a playoff game in this league.

We're still spoiled form the success in 90's.

We need to look away from teams like Pittsburgh, New England, and Baltimore... they're exceptions to the rule...

If you're a Cowoys fan, and somehow you're upset that we've only managed to pull off 2 post season victories since we were a DYNASTY (95')...

well... do this and I promise you'll feel better:

wikipedia every team's history and see if our lack of post season success is really that bad.

Let's start with the two expansion teams that came into the league back in 95'
List of Jacksonville Jaguars seasons
List of Carolina Panthers seasons

In my estimation... that's about what the Cowboys resume should look like after the Dynasty... about 5 or 6 playoff wins... and nothing more than a Super Bowl appearance or maybe two NFC championship games.

those expectations are fair right?

But go down the list...

What teams really have the right to talk $hit to us? They've all gone through similar $hit... Difference is... we still have a dynasty to hang our hat on.

One teams recent success kind of p*sses me off.... 49ers are good again.
after years of pure $hit... they still managed to get back to the NFC championship game before we did. F*CK!!!

F*ck that team and their Super Bowl Hopes.

and F*ck you New York... let's finally call you for what you are... LUCKY!!!!!
That David Tyree play sums up the way I feel about your entire Organization... Pure $Hit that turned into a miracle...

then I have to watch another miracle with Manningham?

Washington... How many playoff victories you sitting on after the 92' Super Bowl?

Three? That's success...

Plenty of other examples like Washington... like I said,... go down the list.

I didn't pick on them because they're in the NFC East

Dolphins Fans... Tell me your sad story... That's right... I thought you'd STFU too when it comes to the NFL. last playoff win was in 2000... You got a big bucket of $hit just like us...

(rant back off)
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