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Default Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

NY has been consistently good for a long time. We are in 1 out of every 5 superbowls out of the last 25 years and we've won four. Not two. If we have two let's cut off later on and say you have none.

The difference between NY and Dallas is our QB plays better in bigger moments (like the playoffs) and our culture is less concerned with coddling our team so we suffer jerks less. If Dez Bryant was a Giant? He'd be better or Eli would never toss him the ball, that being IF Coughlin allowed him to leave the bench. Dez's punishment for playing yesterday like it was a scrimmage? Nothing - his role is pretty much secure.

We're not lucky, we're efficient. We've taken advantage of our chances. Dallas was legitimately good enough to make a title run at least two years i remember and ****ed it up with bad home losses.

Dallas underachives, NY overachieves. Those are not coincidences.
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