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Default Re: What do we really expect from the Raptors this year?

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
I just think that the overall opinion of Ross on this board is pretty low, as most people wanted to draft somebody else, and I think at about the halfway point of the season people will realize he wasn't such a bad pick after all.

To be clear - I think I speak for a lot of sentiment on the board.

I am not against Ross at all. I expect him to be a fairly mature player for a rookie. I can see him by end of season with 25 minutes and some crutial looks especially if Derozan is in a shooting percentage funk.... or if they need more shooting than Landry Fields/ Kliza is delivering with Derozan bumped to 3.

I am against Ross at 8th pick.

Minor difference I know.

But I recall that even the year we drafted Vince - we did a pick and flip and got cash back from the Lakers.

With Drummond available and Jose's contract I pressume a lot of teams... maybe 6 ..would make an offer on an upside center and talented distrubutor whose deal is only 1 year. Perhaps we could have been Denver - in the 3 way deal and netted Iggy for 2 seasons. By all evidence including interviews with Colangelo we expressed an interest.

Finally the very simple pick for Houston and trade down for their pick (Jeremy Lamb) likely would have worked. No one projected Ross at 8 - 9 - 10. By all account Lamb looks to be a solid rookie as well. With Lowry discussion on the board that netted us a "protected loss" of a 1st rounder - I suspect at the very least if we had offered up 8 plus Jose plus Ed D - we could have gotten Lowry plus a latter pick. I dont recall the timing of the Lin signing in Houston - but Jose would have been a good fit for that team especially with only 1 year going.

Bottom line is BC couldnt pull a deal because all the GMs were playing hard ball with him. He didnt have the assets (i.e. picking Drummond that would have tempted them) and the assets he did have to deal were his picks - his team and not enough.

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