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Default Re: Write it Down: The Fix is In, Tebow to start vs. Colts

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Didn't say it was a bad thing or anything. Just pointed out that you also seem to talk alot about the Nets as well, which for the reasons you just said.
i actually have a lot of net sources, people i know who do business with them, and i bought tickets once in bulk so i get to talk to their marketing a lot, etc. My own team, the Knicks sucks at those things. So i actually talk Nets more than Knicks. It's kind of sad. I can get comp Net tickets from my brother in law, and one of my friends. Knicks, nothing.

I love my Knicks but they cause me endless pain. I think sometimes i discuss Nets more becuase it doesn't bother me if they win or lose so its stress free.
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