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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Originally Posted by Permodius
Great question. When I miss it is actually because I shot it of to the side, but I think that is due to me just being inconsistent with my new form and trying to get used to it. Do you have any other ideas on why?

if you are shooting off to the side then it could mean a number of different things

most likely its your feet and shoulders not staying square when you get to your release point. the might start square but if your right shoulder is a little bit ahead of your left one.

it could also be the placement of your left hand is impeding your shots motion.

it could as be that your thumb on your shooting hand is affecting the flight of the ball.

stay consistent. it will take time to make your shot impulsive. it wont happen over night. these are the "details" or "kinks" that shooters at any level deal with on a regular basis. even the best shooters in the world deal with them. why do you think the best shooters take tons of shots?

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