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Originally Posted by cyco127
........But Carlos responded the way LHM wanted him to... after coming back from the injury... .......

Fixed it for you.

I'm interested to see this 'new' Jazz team. I'll be paying attention as things ramp up. Let's see what they've got about Jan.-Feb. They might be pretty good if everything clicks. I don't know that they will be a premiere team in the western conf., but I'd bet they make the playoffs and I think they'd be pretty dangerous if they believed in themselves.

There's a LOT of talented players on the team. Everybody just needs to know their role and stay within the system and I think they will be pretty successful. I don't know that there will be any one 'premier' player, but any of the top 6-8 players could score 20 pts. on any night. Tough to defend against things like that if you're an opponent.
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