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Default Re: TWC Sportsnet video thread

Thanks for all the HD links and whoever did all those recordings. BOo at TWC!!

P1: Kobe
P2: Dwight (imitation of Kobe), Magic
P3: David Beckham
P4: Nash & Dwight getting a tour around the office. Watch 2:32...Kupchak seeding challenges in Dwight head when he showed him the retired Jerseys on the wall. lol
P5: Kobe & Beckham, Metta World Peace (pimping the interviewer)
P6: Nash
P7: Antwan Jamison, Lakers Girls
P8: Billymac, Stu Lantz, John Ireland, James Worthy
P9: Sparks, Dwight imitation of Kobe
P10: Summary hilights

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