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Default Re: Resident Evil 6 Announced.

I did not play very much last night. Maybe an hour. My initial reaction is Meh, but again, I didn't do very much. I really didn't care much for the opening prologue play. I didn't like the movement at all. It felt like the character was on a rail. Visability was really limited. There were some badass set piece sequences, and the scope of it was pretty cool as far as volume of activity.

I then played for a short while through the Chris section, open worldedness is strictly a facade at this point. And the button that tells you where to go, something they obviously took from Dead Space, although it doesn't work as well, really takes away some of the effect of the game. I don't mind the quick time stuff, but already it seems pretty heavy.

I'm still sure it'll be good, but like 5, a good game and a good resident evil game are two different things, and this is probably the former.
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