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Default Re: What do we really expect from the Raptors this year?

Originally Posted by T-Low
How do we know if people at 9-10 weren't looking at Ross also? There might be something there that happened in workouts that could look to be a steal.

Fair point

Especially as he could be a very good player which I always admitted.

I guess I would say only that there was no single consensus draft pick that had him that high - which in itself is a little meaningless as the Cavs reached for a player no one expects.

But I will ask all you "Ross is a great pick at 8" this question:

Were the Raptors fundementally deep enough in talent the past two seasons that picking up a shooting 2 with "mature defense skills" is the exact piece this team needs to move up into "consistent playoff team" with the depth to make some noise if the injury bug and other factors break their way ?

Answer : No

Question: Should have the Raptors taken a flyer on a high upside talent and used the next two years to determine : (1) what they have and (2) what would be available given Jose Calderon's contract $10M expires this year and Andreas Bargnani contract expires next year ($12Million ?)

I know my answer but you can choose to disagree
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