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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by EnoughSaid
Did my Scoring PG first. Got 15/10/4 in the showcase, drafted 11th to the Blazers. Not sure if I want to play with this, but I might re-do it once or twice to see what's up. Would love to be 10th for the Hornets. It seems like almost every team in the league has a great franchise PG or a developing one that's still got potential. Ehh we'll see.

Is scoring the best play type? You basically get an 80 midrange and 3 point rating right off the bat. Speed at 81 isn't bad either.

Hmmm.. Scoring and Athletic are the best starters. Athletic has improved this year due to physics scoring at the rim but still it's hard to finish a lot of times. Scoring has been the best for me because as you said you can dominate just by hitting 3's and midrange jumpers.
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