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Default Re: NBA will penalize flopping from now on, confirmed today

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
yup. It's because people let their personal negativity get in the way of fair opinions. Most hilarious of all is Kobe is on that list, not any of the Heat or Clippers players yet Lakers fans will STILL rip the Clippers apart as being floppers and ignore their own guys.
In no way do I deny the Lakers have had some LEGENDARY floppers. Divac and Fish immediately come to mind. But so is Kobe, but not in the same way. Kobe is a verbal, fling his hands in the air and yell AEYYY, flopper. Chris Paul is a throw his head back, let out a faint sigh, backflip helicopter kick flail to the ground holding his balls and knee while looking at the ref, flopper. Not even in the same ballpark.

So no, I wont ignore the Lakers flopper.
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