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Default Re: NBA will penalize flopping from now on, confirmed today

Originally Posted by Droid101
Um. No.

Some players try to create a foul from nothing. That's not "helping the ref make the right call." That's gaming the system.

The flops where you fall harder than you would with the contact given aren't as bad as the ones where you fall and weren't touched at all. I think you, of all people, should know the difference.

Also, awesome poll on ESPN right now:

ESPN pampering their goldenboy Blake Griffin as usual. They want to shove his dunks down everyones throats so they they intentionally left him out of the flop poll hoping people won't notice. His greatest asset of all isn't dunks tho - it's his league-leading arrogance, fake mean-mugging, and most of all, his dangerous flops.

look at him getting under Pau's feet right here guy should be suspended for that sh*t.

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