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Default Re: Why is the United States so much better at basketball than the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Okay but Greece actually lost to Nigeria. A team with a few more Euroleague all-stars would probably beat Nigeria but might still have trouble. They definitely would struggle against teams like Croatia and Angola and would not be even a top ten FIBA team. To think that they would actually pose a challenge to Team USA or even Team Spain is delusional beyond words.

But of course this would never happen because a Euroleague All-Star team would never play a national team. The closest to a Euroleague all-star team we got was team Greece with two Euroleague "all-stars" and 3 other Euroleague champions and they lost to Nigeria. I mean can you imagine a team with Lebron James, Dwight Howard and three other players who got significant playing time on the Miami Heat lose to Nigeria! lol

Again, you're trying to make rules out of single games. As a reminder, in the Olympic Tournament, the "awesome" Nigeria, apart from getting destroyed by the US, collapsed and almost lost to the weak Tunisia, lost hands-down to Lithuania, a team definitely weaker than an All-Euroleague team (after all, most of their players are playing in the EL, and not all of them are EL "all-stars"), easily lost to Argentina and played their only good game against France (and still lost).
Look at their roster:

That's 1 NBA guy, a couple of EL guys and all the others playing in leagues inferior to EL, and you're telling me an All-EL team would supposedly struggle to beat them?
All their players except one play in the Angolan league, they have only 1 guy above 6'7 (the only one who doesn't play in Angola, LOL), I'd be surprised if they managed to even get 1-2 wins playing in the EL. Against All-EL, they'd get slaughtered.
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