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Default Re: Why is the United States so much better at basketball than the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by baller562
African Americans are genetically more athletic than ANY other race... there is simply no denying this fact! Basketball requires more athleticism than most sports, similar to football. We have the most athletic players in the world... the combination of speed, height, length, all these traits... this is why we consistently have the best basketball players. Add to the fact the we have the best basketball youth system all the way to college, and then the best pro league... it's a no brainer we have the best basketball played here in the states.

As to why African Americans in the US are athletically similar, after hearing several theories, I would have to agree that genetics played the most part. Its simply about the survival of the fittest... only the strongest people survived the brutal journey across the Atlantic. The weak starved and died off, while the strong made the journey. Even during the slave auctions, only the strong were selected and sold. With this cycle continuing, we have a group of genetically stronger people. Is it also true that Blacks have a higher testosterone level than other races? I'm not sure where I read that...

So if what you claim is true, then that explains why they also have lower IQs than other races. Because only the dumbest of the very dumbest were stupid enough to fight to survive to live as a slave for the rest of their lives.

Oh are talking about "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest".....but wait a minute, that implies that the "genetically best and most superior" survived............

But, the dumbest of the dumbest of the dumbest are actually at the lowest end of the genetic scale.

Oh, and of course, a DNA study done by Harvard actually found that 50% of black NBA players descend directly from a WHITE MAN in the USA.

You and everyone else here that claims this total bullshit are both racist and freaking retarded.

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