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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Romney held up OK tonight...

He is really gonna have to be alot more specific though. Alot of his comments work the first time you hear it, but then he just seemed to repeat himself.

I didnt get what Romnay was saying about education dollars following the student under IDEA... Dollars already follow the student.... he didnt make any sense in his education talk

But he held up a little better than I expected he would...

Still he'll need a big moment for any of this to matter, and he didnt get it tonight
Yup. This just made no sense. His points on education were ignorant, and didn't make much sense.

Romney won the style points, but he just isn't being specific at all. He needs to stop being so vague and explain specifically where he plans on taking the country if he wins, the public deserves to know specifics.

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