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Default Re: DAMN video of 50 cent and his crew beating down Gunplay at the BET awards!!!1

A. I never heard of this fool Gunplay, I Googled him and he deserves to get whooped for being whack.

B. That was a weak ass jump. Seriously? 5 mufukkhas vs 1 and he got up? I understand that when people get jumped, it's hard at times to get a good lick because it happens fast and it's crowded, but was that it?

C. How did this shit even start? I quick Google revealed that this whack fool made death threats towards 50. Okay, so he makes death threats and this is all he gets? What kind of self respecting 'thug' only manages to get a few weak licks on somebody that made 'death' threats? Is it so hard to get somebody from Leuders to shoot him? (assuming this was in L.A.)

I'ma say it, this'll suck if nobody gets shot up.

EDIT: I take back most of what I stated.

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