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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone


They lost to the Celtics in the finals, and the bottom line is that Rocket team was much more talented than the '03 Magic.
bottom line: proof that a 40 win team in the regular season can go far in the playoffs

T-Mac didn't have a great rebounding team like Lebron(he had a terrible one), and he didn't have a top 4 defensive team(again,. he had a bad defensive team). T-Mac was also easily his team's best and most impressive player.
drew gooden was the most impressive magic player in the playoffs, while mcgrady was their best. lebron made that team who they were.
Okur and Atkins were nice bench players, especially since they weren't Detroit's best bench player. That team had a lot of quality players.
jacque vaughn was a nice player for orlando, as was pat garrity, shawn kemp, and gordan giricek
Moses might make my top 2 that year, not sure, but he's definitely close. Kareem in '75 and '76, Kobe in '05 and '06, Wade in '09. Jordan would probably be top 3 in '87, doesn't have much of a case over Magic or Bird, so it depends on what you consider close.
moses was top 2 in '81. you are right about kareem. kobe was nowhere near top 2 in those years. wade was top 4, as was jordan.
I agree that Kobe was the Lakers best player in the regular season, but his team was a disappointment given what they should have achieved. Kobe had a lot more to work with than T-Mac, and a 5-10 record without Shaq doesn't help his case considering his team in Shaq's absence was similar to what T-Mac had to work with, and he led them to a record above .500 for an entire year. Finally, Kobe was more of a disappointment in the Spurs series than T-Mac was in the Pistons series. Kobe did not have better numbers, though. T-Mac's numbers were better.

But I think they're very close, so I don't have any problem with you taking Kobe. I'm not changing my mind on my decision, though.
kobe's team was a disappointment during the regular season due to o'neal disrupting chemistry with a sore toe at the beginning of the season.

even in those losses in games that o'neal missed, 2 were against the nba champion san antonio spurs, also losses were against the 50 win trail blazers in portland, the celtics who made the conference semi finals in boston, and the 60 win conference finalist mavericks in dallas.

regardless, bryant did all he could in o'neals absence, averaging around 32/9/6 with over 2 steals per game.
Dirk had the better playoff run, but he was not a better player. T-Mac was the better scorer, better passer and playmaker, and certainly no worse as a defender. That's all I need.
all i need is more impact and winning games. contributing to a winning cause. winning games of basketball.
Kidd was great in the playoffs, no argument here. Still not enough for me to take him over T-Mac, who was just a better player on a much worse team.
kidd was the better player on the better team. what kidd did in the playoffs was more than enough evidence to suggest this.
Nobody would say Wallace and T-Mac were inseparable. He anchored a great defense and led his team to a nice season, but he had an excellent team stacked with quality players.
lol what a joke. his best players were career journeyman chauncey billups who had career averages of 11 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, and 40%fg, unproven 2 guard richard hamilton they had just aquired for jerry stackhouse and his 21/4/5, and 65 year old clifford robinson.
I did watch this series, and I have realized who the better player was to the point where I need no further proof. It's T-Mac.
watch it again, you must have missed all parts where ben wallace was on the floor.
If I count Amare as a center than Yao was top 4 behind Shaq, Amare and Ben Wallace. If I count Duncan than he was top 5, but a clear top 5. Regardless, T-Mac didn't have a teammate close to even '05 Yao on his '03 team. And no, the rest of the rosters weren't the same since the '05 Rockets were so much better defensively and on the boards and still had better shooting around him.

Even for arguments sake if they were the same outside Yao(which they weren't), that'd still mean his '05 cast was considerably better because of Yao.
yao was barely top 5, not clear. marcus camby was very, very close. besides that the magic and rockets were very much the same, given the same system and coach. drew gooden almost was as good as yao in the playoffs.
He couldn't play off the ball because it's something he didn't have a decent ability to do until the 2012 season. We saw this in 2011 when he was in a position where playing off the ball was certainly something he could have and should have done at times.
he couldn't play off the ball because cleveland couldn't afford him to play off the ball, they needed the ball in his hands to give them the best chance to win games of basketball.
Big men are very important, and it's why a team with such a great backcourt only went .500.
but they still were strong enough to make it to the second round
Then you have lower standards than I do.
says someone who ranks players based on ppg

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