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Default Re: DAMN video of 50 cent and his crew beating down Gunplay at the BET awards!!!1

Originally Posted by Godzuki
it was because of the cops/security coming in with pepper spray. i was wondering if that dude Gunplay was punching in the second video was peppered sprayed since he looked a lot bigger than Gunplay, and Gunplay's punches looked real weak.

That was Philly's own Mike Knox. He was the one slamming gunplay to begin with. He said the issue was with Gunplay walkin past 50 and them and he tried to sucker punch 50 cent and run. Thats why he got grabbed and you hear "Get him, get that n*gga". So the idea he was jumped was wrong. I can believe Mike Knox story over Gunplay saying 50 cent knodded to someone to set it off.

The guy getting punched in the back by Gunplay was Mike Knox. He was pepper sprayed you can see it in both videos. Soon as he caught it in the face he fell and tried to get up. Thats when Gunplay attacked. Then he got pepper sprayed and ran off blindly.
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