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Default Re: What do we really expect from the Raptors this year?

Originally Posted by BurningHammer
Sneaking in at 7th or 8th should be the biggest goal this season.
Honestly, I'd rather the Raptors finish 9th or 10th and get that lottery pick to Houston out of the way early.

If the Raptors do become a great team in the near future, most of the current roster will have little to with that. Other than Valanciunas, Lowry and maybe Ross or even Davis (if both pan out), everyone is basically irrelevant to me when talking about the Raptors future. That's why I don't care if they have to endure another losing season.

Then there's the additional benefit of another losing season hopefully forcing Colangelo out. Although it he's just replaced by Stefanski, that's not much progress.
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