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Default Re: Jeremy Lin Becoming Vocal Leader Of Rockets

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86

Teammates talking about him being the best player on the floor. The most confident. A floor general. I'm really going to keep my eye on Lin this year because I DO feel dude is going to be an all star level talent this year and going forward. There is no such thing as 15-20 game flukes. The guy is going to improve and has been working his ass off.
The guy can play, if given the freedom. Speed and quickness from a defensive team bothers him some but he should be one of the better point guards out West. Two things I wonder about. If he doesn't go all out with his play, its a special talent to do the Wade, Rose, AI, KG thing for 80 games, is Lin still good. I don't think he can go all out for 60 games, but I can be wrong. The other thing is zones. With the Knicks his game did dim a bit once the scouting reports got out so his grade was incomplete.

He's a baller, no doubt. Endurance is the biggest question. Another thing to add is that they play more wide open out west so his game could flourish even more. But I think the scouting will balance that out, tho.
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