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Default Re: Cornerback Log 2012-2013 edition.

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Thought it was interesting...Asomugha was targeted 7 times by Eli and he missed a full quarter. It was the most he's received in a game since coming to Philly. On pace for 60 targets.

According to PFF he has allowed 6 completions for 134 yards and a TD on 15 targets. DRC has allowed 8 catches for 142 and 0 TDs on 20 targets.
even though you won our bet somehow (that website was wrong), you have to concede that I was correct about what is happening to Nnamdi in Philly right now

He is being targeted much more like I said, and a lot of it has to do with the team he is on and not HIM

and yeah, DRC is playing better than Nnamdi is right now...DRC also has 3 INTs to Nnamdi's ZERO
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