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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by chazzy
Is it just me or is Westbrook an absolute monster in this game? Since driving in seems to be a lot easier, I can isolate and get right to the rim at will with him.
Yeah, Westbrook is for sure borderline unstoppable. So is Deron Williams or any other quick guard with good handles. I like that they made getting past your man and to the basket in the halfcourt not impossible (like it felt like it was last year) but they may have made it a little too easy. I've played two games with OKC and Westbrook has scored 45 and 35 points and I'd say in each game more than half of those came from driving dunks and layups.

Last year, in my Thunder Association, I'd have a hard time even getting 20 points out of Westbrook and could drop 35-40 a game with Durant no problem. This year it may be the exact opposite.
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