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Default My cousin got me out of a possible DUI in Mexico

went to mexico(hermosillo) this weekend and did the usual bs, got drunk as fck, was driving to hotel from an antro(antros=clubs, this one was classy as fck, too classy for my money, but they played spanish rock music and it was tight). wasn't crazy drunk at this point but my breathe smelled like alcohol. so did my friends. it was about 2am when we got pulled over. wasn't swerving or anything but cops go around pulling up to people flashing lights at them and pulling them over based on judgment, i guess being young and driving at 2am raises suspicion. anyhow, he made me get out of car, open trunk, and asked what i was doing. i did my best not to slurr or stumble, but before answering his question i told him my cousin is a cop as well (in that same city) and the cop asked what his name was, as soon as i told him, all he said was "que tenga buenas noches" and took off

then me and my buddies went to get tacos and got back to hotel safely.

edit: i suppose the title should read " me out of a possible DUI...ask me anything"

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