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Originally Posted by dunksby
We should work on it then, what stuff didn't work and what hindered the game?
Well now I wish I didn't delete them all.. I think adding up the categories and how I was placing them was a bit clunky. When I was making the game I thought it needed to be more stream lined but once we played it definitely showed that it needed tweaking...

I can't remember exactly how I had it but it was set up where your body guard points went against my assassin points.. and then vice versa. My attack points against your defense points and vice versa.. I also had command points that could be used to bolster your attack or defense points.. There was more but this is all I can think of at the moment.

I wonder if this would be better suited if we were the leaders of the countries and then had "political talks" we could each be trying to get "Our guy" on the throne or installed as hand.
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