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Default Re: Survivor Pool thoughts

Originally Posted by JMT
I have two entries left of the remaining ten (from 82!) in our pool.

The rules that have helped me win in the past:

No division games
No games with a veteran QB making his first start of the season
No teams that played SNF/MNF vs teams that last played on Thursday night
No road teams

Eliminated by those rules are:

Minn vs Tenn - Hasselbeck, seasoned vet, making first start this year

NYG vs Cleve- NY lost grueling SNF; Cleve off 10 days

Options I see this week are:

SF vs Buffalo- That is one of my picks. Won't put all my eggs in one basket.

That leaves:

NE vs Denver- Note that "New" teams (NE, NYG, NYJ, NO) have knocked out over 80% of this years contestants

Pittsburgh vs Philly - Like Pitt coming off bye. Philly so up and down you don't know what's coming.

Cincy vs Miami- Have only seen a little of Cincy this year, but aside from Balt game they look really solid. Tannehill just had a superb day vs a good AZ defense.

So which do you like. or is there another game I'm missing?

The only ones that I can really trust are San Fran and Cincy. I could see the rest going either way.
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