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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Romney did what he should've been doing all along. From the Charlotte Observer editorial:

Is it going to make a difference with the electoral college? Probably not.

I disagree. Obama is still under 50% in the vote, for an incumbent, that's risky territory. I get the feeling that there's a bunch of former Obama voters who aren't too enthused after the past 4 years and right now they are looking for a reason to give Romney a chance or they'll simply stay at home come Election day. Most of the post-debate focus groups showed a major leaning towards Romney after coming in neutral or even favoring Obama, don't underestimate the ability of the American people to fall for emotion-driven rubbish, its how Obama got elected in the first place after all.

This race is very much up for grabs and what Romney did last night, the single most important thing he accomplished was that he basically overturned 4+ months and 100+ million dollars worth of advertising that tried painting him a certain way. He brought his own campaign back and earned himself a new chance, with over a month to go, this will tighten up even further as Romney will probably gain a point or two in the polls as a result.

The worst thing Obama did last night was to look passive. I'm sure there was some sort of strategy to play the nice guy role and let Romney come off as too aggressive and a bully that would turn off independent voters, especially women, but instead, Romney came out looking decisive and strong and Obama came out looking petulant and weak, neither being a good trait for someone in a leadership position.

On the real, both of these guys are full of it and told all sorts of tall tales, but a major part of the debate is presentation and presence and in that, Romney won hands down.
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