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Default Re: I think the Lakers were a tougher matchup with Bynum

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Before, teams were at a real disadvantage against the Lakers' size. Now, for example, Dallas could throw out Dirk and Kaman and they match their size. Denver could throw out McGee and Mozgov and they match their size. And so on and so forth.
Lakers size advantage w/ Bynum was quickly overrated. As he was entirely overrated as a player as well.

Their size didn't give any teams fits, they lost two opening round playoff series, two years in a row with that "advantage"

Bottom line is Bynum playing alongside Gasol meant their games clashed. Both were low block players, and at times actually congested the lane for their own team on offense.

Bynum on defense provided great rebounding advantage, but given how slow he was and how minute his physical leap is ... teams could take advantage of that by bringing him out more.

Howard is a couple inches shorter, has almost the same wingspan, is a more durable player, faster, quicker, and light years more athletic. D12 will be a vast improvement for the Lakers over Bynum.
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