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Default Get to know a Toronto Raptor: Terrence Ross

Throughout the pre-season, Post basketball reporter Eric Koreen will ask a few personal questions to members of the Toronto Raptors. Today: rookie Terrence Ross, 21.

Who was your favourite player growing up?

I think Kobe just because he was doing it all: shooting, dunking, playing defence. He was exciting to watch, so it might be him.

Do you remember his 81-point game against the Raptors?

Yeah, I remember that. I was watching that at home.

A few people around here are still trying to forget that night.
Yeah, Iíd hope so.

Of all of the coaches youíve had during your career, who has been the most influential in your development?

[University of Washington coach] Lorenzo Romar. He taught me so much. After I was with him for two years, itís crazy how much my game changed. He really helped me be an all-around player. Off the court, he helped me become the young man I am today.

What was your game like before?

Really, honestly, before that all I was really known for was shooting ó not even getting to the basket, not playing defence, really not playing defence. Just shooting. I couldnít do anything else but shooting.

Who is your favourite teammate ever?

(Quincy Acy, another Raptors rookie: ďItís your boy. And if you donít say that, Iím going to hit you in your head with this box.Ē)

TR: You did not say me.

(Acy: ďI did say you.Ē)

TR: This is what you said: ĎI do not like him, something, something, something, blah, blah, whatever.í I think, my best friend, Noah Kone-Nelson. Heís in Montana right now. I grew up with him. We were on the same team since we were in sixth grade. Weíve been close ever since. Weíve been doing everything together since. We talk to each other on a regular basis. It would probably be him.

What are your expectations for yourself this year?

Just to help the team win. I want to make an impact on defence and then, on offence, make the right plays, hit the open shots. Just do everything Iím expected to do.

What is one think people probably donít know about you that they should know?

I donít show much emotion on the court. When my teammates get a dunk on somebody or something, Iíll show it then. But other than that? Whether weíre winning or losing, I have the same demeanour.

Is that a conscious decision, or is that just natural for you?

Itís just natural. Iím just laid-back. If Iím angry, youíll know. But Iím not animated with my emotions.
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