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Default Re: Thoughts on the Barclay Center

Originally Posted by niko
There are not parking lots around. Their is actually a mall with parking right next to it, i'm wondering if the mall will try to block people from parking there. The rest is street parking. There is no Barclays arena parking lot. There is a ton of train paths there. To say there is more trains there than MSG is semantics (as well as a stupid argument) because MSG has multiple stations, Barclays just has the one. But again, it someone wants to argue by counting train lines i think they retarded.

If you are going there, either
1) Get there early and park in the neighborhood, grab an early dinner, shop and then drive home


2) Take train.

Don't plan to drive there and park an hour before the game, it's not happening.
Well I live in Queens so I'd take the train obviously xD.

Really? Theres no parking lot for Barclays? I could have swore I read something about a not-so-big parking lot near the arena.

I got this from Barclays Center's website:
Parking at Barclays Center is very limited. We strongly recommend using public transportation.

Eleven Trains. One Destination. Barclays Center.
Public Transportation is the fastest and most convenient way to Barclays Center.

If you decide to drive, purchase parking space in advance through our partner, Click and Park.
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