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Default Re: I think the Lakers were a tougher matchup with Bynum

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
This is false; Bynum's standing reach is 9'4" and Howard's is 9'3.5".

Anyway, I wasn't just talking about height/reach, I meant sheer size/mass. Bynum takes up more space than any player since Shaq, completely closes down the lane. Howard doesn't do that. I've seen enough of DH to know, as an eastern conference fan.

Before, teams were at a real disadvantage against the Lakers' size. Now, for example, Dallas could throw out Dirk and Kaman and they match their size. Denver could throw out McGee and Mozgov and they match their size. And so on and so forth.

If I'm not mistaken, those are Dwight and Bynum's measurements as they were entering the league. I've read throughout the last year that Dwight's reach has "out-lengthed" Bynum's since; when I get home tonight and do some browsing and see if I find a reputable source stating that.

This disadvantage you speak of was virtually non-existent when the most important time of the year arose the last two years. Teams that are athletic would run up and down the court consistently at Bynum's dismay, and would exploit he and the Lakers greatest weakness on defense: pick and roll coverage.

Now in place of him you have the best defender in the league, the best pick and roll defending big man in the league, and the best pick and roll big offensively in the league. The Lakers needed to become more athletically capable both offensively and defensively - they answered their woes with Dwight.
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