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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by Haymaker
That being said, you're spot on with the observation that it was his anxiety asking for a bus. Seems like he needs CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) along with meditation to learn to separate himself from his anxiety thoughts. Medication is just a patch, therapy is more important. I took CBT and it took me out of the hole.
Agreed, i'm in process of CBT now so that's why I was saying I get what he's saying. At it's worst, my family would be like "hey come and do this, try this, do this or that it will help" and i'd be like "nah i'm not in a position to be able to handle that right now. I'll do it when I get better." But the irony is that it's the DOING that makes you better. One of the first things my own CBT therapist told me was that you have to die before you truly live. You have to do all those things that terrify you over and over (as you know) and it may suck at first while you're doing it until your brain gets retrained and you learn that it's not really something to be feared but rather understood. So taking time to build up to being able to handle going on the plane will not foster improvement in his ability to handle going on the plane. It rather reinforces his problem and is avoidance behavior. It's not like people think where you can actually beat your fears without facing them head on.
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