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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by Smoke117
I have anxiety disorders and OCD and it can be hell. He probably has social anxiety too which makes him anxious around people. I would think he is on some kind of ssri or tricyclic antidepressant (the older ones before they came out with ssri's) that lean towards helping anxiety and ocd more so than depression. He could be on luvox, celexa, lexapro or what I was just put on was Clomipramine which is one of the older TCA's, but it is supposed to work better than the newer drugs for OCD and anxiety. I would think he would be on some kind of benzo too when he's really stressed out. I'm prescribed 60 2mg klonopin to take twice a day as needed.

People that say just smoke weed are stupid. I've smoked a lot of bud in my day, but when you have anxiety disorders the marijuana can only make it worse. You've heard of regular people who get paranoid or really anxious when they smoke. I've had that happen to me because of my anxiety disorders and it's only worse. Usually if i'm smoking in an comfortable situation it doesn't affect me that way but if I'm already anxious and I smoked it would just make it worse and make me extremely paranoid.

Drinking would definitely help as you just don't care when intoxicated, but that is why so many people with these disorders become alcoholics. I've had my run in with alcoholism and am only getting out of it the last 6 months. Drinking is the worst possible self medication he could choose.

First, fantastic post that offers a true insight to what Royce might be going through. I didn't see that anyone else really applauded you for sharing your own issues so openly, so thank you for that.

In response to this post:

White said it is fault he did not come to the Rockets sooner about getting his issues with travel resolved, but he pointed out his illness had a lot do with that as well.

"I will take full responsibility for that," White said. "You have to understand that with the disorder I have specifically, it was very worrisome, stressful for me to even make a decision to be able to ask for what I need.

"There was a certain amount of fear that went into me even stepping up and asking for what I need because, let's face it, the ramifications could have been a number of things, and one of those could have been me not being in the league come two years from now or even now.

"That was very scary for me personally. It came to a point where I really had to decide 'okay either you're going to step up and ask for what you need or deal with the consequences that may come if this isn't supported,' and I wasn't willing to do that in the end. So I felt the need to step up and ask.

White said he is looking forward to rejoining the Rockets.

I think it is kind of poor he didn't say anything. All i got from this article is that he was afraid someone would not draft him if they knew what he needed. Well, i hate to admit, he probably would of not been drafted and it's unfair to the team to not have all the proper information first hand.

Basically, what I think he is doing is fighting for "employee rights" when he was not upfront at first. If the Rockets were not afraid of the public backlash, they are probably within their rights to rescind their contract to him.

What Royce is trying to do here is get WHAT HE WANTS, even though it is what he needs, without being up front. Using your illness as an excuse for not being up front is just a stupid cop out. If there is one thing that bothers me it is when people use their own issues as a reason to not do what everyone else is required to do.

I hope this situation does get solved soon. He is incredibly talented but i hope it is worth all of the headaches.
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