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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by hipballinjigga
First, fantastic post that offers a true insight to what Royce might be going through. I didn't see that anyone else really applauded you for sharing your own issues so openly, so thank you for that.

In response to this post:

I think it is kind of poor he didn't say anything. All i got from this article is that he was afraid someone would not draft him if they knew what he needed. Well, i hate to admit, he probably would of not been drafted and it's unfair to the team to not have all the proper information first hand.

Basically, what I think he is doing is fighting for "employee rights" when he was not upfront at first. If the Rockets were not afraid of the public backlash, they are probably within their rights to rescind their contract to him.

What Royce is trying to do here is get WHAT HE WANTS, even though it is what he needs, without being up front. Using your illness as an excuse for not being up front is just a stupid cop out. If there is one thing that bothers me it is when people use their own issues as a reason to not do what everyone else is required to do.

I hope this situation does get solved soon. He is incredibly talented but i hope it is worth all of the headaches.
Completely disagree. As said in that very article it's not at all convenient to take an 8 hour bus ride vs. a 2 hour flight, and his offer is to cover the cost of the bus at his own expense. I don't think it has anything to do with employee rights even though he has mentioned that. What you may not understand about anxiety is that it has the tendency to make you doubt yourself. When he saw the schedule come out, he panicked. He was worried about the travel responsibilities he had and wondered if he'd be able to manage it. It's his fault in the sense that he backtracked on previous word given and told them at the last minute but in another sense it's not his fault because that's what anxiety does to you.
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