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Default Re: European Basketball Leagues 2012-13 Club Budgets

Originally Posted by gabepizza
wtf are you talking about. NBA teams count the taxes but don't pay them? I don't know how it works in Europe but in America you get taxes taken out of your paycheck. Where do you think that money comes from? This is a bunch of nonsense you are spewing. In fact when you started this post you wrote TOTAL BUDGETS (not just the net base salaries of the players). You are just bullshit. I love your desperation. You are so pathetic!!

Don't worry about him "reporting" you. The admin put the "crazed troll" title under his username for a reason. He's been banned several times and usually makes up blatant lies for the sake of pushing his crazed agenda. I've found that he's not worth wasting time arguing with.

From what I've seen, you're a good poster and know about international basketball so feel free to keep posting in the Euroleague discussion threads.
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