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Default Tyshawn Taylor banged up in practice

NY Post:

Tyshawn Taylor isnít used to watching others play basketball.
You can tell that just from watching Taylor this week, as heís been forced to sit out the opening three days of practice with a strained right quad, an injury Taylor suffered in a track workout with his teammates last week.
ďItís getting better,Ē Taylor said after Thursdayís practice. ďSometimes I donít feel it at all. Sometimes itís a little sore after I do a little bit. Iíve been on the treadmill over there, so after I do the treadmill, it gets a little sore, and sometimes not at all.
ďI just want to play, man. I just want to play. Thatís what Iím here to do, and I canít even do it. This is my time to show them what I can do, and I canít, so itís a little frustrating.Ē
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