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Default Re: The 5 Best QB/WR Combos

Originally Posted by Jackass18
They can make up for drops. What is a REAL football forum? It's all just a bunch of people with opinions, some just have more elitist assholes that are full of themselves than others.

Interesting, the guy who is 2nd only to Welker in receptions and 5th in receiving yards over the past 5 seasons doesn't produce... He just doesn't have the highest TD numbers.

9 TDs in 2 years. That's pathetic especially if you're trying to make a point that he's a top 10 receiver. Elite receivers usually get that in ONE year. It's not hard to rack up receptions when you're being targeted damn near 200 times a season. He gets force-fed the ball and his best season is 1100 and 10(He was a top 10 receiver that season though)? Are you kidding? That's a top 10 receiver to you? Any above average receiver who gets the amount of targets he gets is putting those numbers up. Add that to the fact that he's almost a lock for 10+ drops a year, it's laughable to even make the claim that he's a top 6 receiver. Again, not even top 10. Welker is 1st in receptions and probably the leader in receiving yards and where is he in the majority of top 10 rankings? Nowhere. Those stats are overrated unless you get damn near 1500 like Andre.

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