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Default Re: The 5 Best QB/WR Combos

Originally Posted by TheNaturalWR
9 TDs in 2 years. That's pathetic especially if you're trying to make a point that he's a top 10 receiver.

He played on a crappy offense with crappy QBs. Welker had a combined 7 TDs in '08 and '09. Steve Smith had just 9 in '09 and '10 or '10 and '11. Andre Johnson only had 7 combined in '05 and '06. Wayne only had 10 over the past 2 seasons. Bowe has only had 1 season with a lot of TDs. Roddy White only had 13 combined in '07 and '08, and that's not many more than 9. Then, there's a guy like Andre Reed who has had similar stretches multiple times. Isaac Bruce had a number of subpar TD seasons. James Lofton, too. Charlie Joiner, also. Michael Irvin, as well. Raymond Berry had a 2-year stretch where he only had 3 TDs. Holt only had 11 combined in '01 and '02. Art Monk never caught more than 8 TDs in a season. Moss didn't do a lot when he was with the Raiders. There have been a number of great receivers, including a number of HOFers I left out, who have had subpar TD seasons.

It's not hard to rack up receptions when you're being targeted damn near 200 times a season. He gets force-fed the ball and his best season is 1100 and 10(He was a top 10 receiver that season though)?

He gets force-fed the ball because he's ****ing good. Is that hard to understand? Yeah, it's just oh so easy to get 100 receptions and 1,200 yards every year... He only had 3 TDs in 2010, but he missed some games, and was on a team with a terrible offense and a terrible QB. If it's just about TDs, then why is Michael Irvin considered to be one of the best? He's barely in the top 50 in TD receptions.

Those stats are overrated unless you get damn near 1500 like Andre.

You were the one talking out of his ass pretending like he doesn't produce, but all you have are lame excuses. "It only matters if you have these arbitrary numbers I just made up on the spot."
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