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Default Re: My fellow Americans,

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
Fuck that WE DA BESSSSS!!!

Its the truth doe

Honestly, it doesn't matter one bit to me if people in other countries have some senseless bias against me. I myself do not hold that same bias against them because I realize that all men are created equal, and such a senseless conviction is simply ignorant.

Also, I, and most people I know, do not ever plan to permanently reside outside the US so this bias will never directly affect me. I realize there are foreign policy implications that sociologically affect me, but hopefully the foreign powers in the position of deciding things like that do not hold such ignorant biases.

Basically - Dey mad cuz we stylin on dem! And dey cant do shyt and dey still mad!

Very insightful comments. You are definitely not an absolute moron. Thumbs up!
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