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Default Re: Any vegetarians at InsideHoops?

Originally Posted by gigantes
i've been mostly vegetarian for a long time. i have fish about 1-2 per week and a little lean meat about once a week, and that's it.

otherwise it's all leafy greens, nuts, soy milk, tea, hummous, assorted veggies, fruit and key supplements. little or no grains, though. garlic up the wazoo, as well as a lot of other herbs as seasonings and flavorings, like ginseng, turmeric, onions, ginger, cilantro, cumin, horseradish, basil red pepper and many more.

most usual dishes are grilled or baked veggies, soups, salsas and salads.

i'm basically on the paleolithic diet.

i guess i feel a little better than when i was more of a meat eater- not totally sure. but what makes me feel good is knowing that my chances of getting cancer, diabetes and a bunch of other typical american health problems is drastically reduced because of my diet. this diet is money in the bank. also my cardiovascular risk caused by a previous condition is greatly reduced by eating this way.

i don't even want to get in to the issues of animal meat from factory farms and from overfishing the oceans, etc. it's a total mess any way you slice it, so let's not slice it.

Personally I don't consider a person to be a vegetarian when meat and fish is something you still eat time to time.

But the fact you've cut down on meat and fish so much is really awesome.
I've never told anyone that they should stop eating meat, not even my girlfriend who I share apartment with back home. It's a choice everyone needs to make themselves.

But I'd glady recommend people to eat less meat, it's a win-win situation for everyone.
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