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Default Re: Any vegetarians at InsideHoops?

Originally Posted by pauk
Your body requires a specific list of nutrients to function correctly, yes it doesn't care if it comes from a cheeseburger or tofu. As long as the needs are met, however you choose, is fine........ but remember there is still stuff you cant have as a vegetarian:

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that is ONLY found in animal products, which is extremly important...

Some specific constructions of meat product Proteins/Creatine & Fats can also NOT be found in any vegetables...

Vitamin D which is very important and is 99.99% found only in animal products aswell, the other 00.01% is a specific mushroom (the only non-animal product that contains Vitamin D somewhat)....

It is quite possible to live as a vegetarian/vegan, but you will have to educate yourself very hard about how to each various combinations of plant proteins & fats to ensure you receive the essential amino acids and so on...

Failure to watch these things and your amino acid balance will lead to sickness sooner or later... The only benefit from cutting out meat from your diet is a reduction in saturated fat and cholesterol, but that is only from non-healthy meat.... that other meat is extremly important & healthy for your entire body... What is bad is eating copious amounts of meat in lieu of other foods such as vegetables and fruits....

Additionally, you WILL have to be sure to take a B12 (and extra Vitamin D) supplements to be sure you are getting the vital nutrient.... and that supplement still comes from animal products.................................... what now?

It is a very grueling process... being a Vegetarian is not as simple as being a normal Omnivore which humans are....

I refuse to fight the forces of nature like that and i want to be as healthy as possible and in the most efficient, productive & easy way which i as a human/omnivore am designed for, so no... i am not a vegetarian...

all those things are not true.

and I say this as a meat and fish lover (no zoophilia)

I know personally plenty of long-time vegetarian people who are in perfect shape without them taken any of those supplements. Even vegan people. There are a lot of top athlete who are vegetarians also.
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