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Default Re: Any vegetarians at InsideHoops?

Originally Posted by gigantes
Hmm... I thought I was pretty clear about that when I said "mostly vegetarian."

Although to be honest, I think my diet is superior to strict vegetarian diets. Or at least that's what I aim for... research data and nutritional facts come before all other considerations for me.

So what's a typical food day for you look like? Quite a few vegetarians are actually junk food junkies in vegetarian form... hopefully that doesn't describe you. :P

My bad, missed that part and I still think being mostly vegetarian is great.

I don't know if your diet is superior though, as far as I know there are vegetarian forms of complement when comparing a meat eaters must intakes compared to a vegetarian's.

And to be honest I'm actually a vegetarian junk food junkie, but before when I ate meat I was way worse. I ate so much junk food, pizza, hamburgers, french fries and other crap on daily basis. Sure, back then I was also a big fan of vegetables and fruit..

As for now I live a much healthier life style but junk food is something I'm a big fan of.
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