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Default Re: My fellow Americans,

Originally Posted by bmulls
It comes with the territory.

There will come a day when China takes over as the world's greatest power and these same mother ****ers whining about us now will be begging to have us back.


The hipster liberal crowd loves to complain. About government, about art, about their absentee fathers, whatever. They feel that complaining about everything creates an aura of intellectualism and awareness that they dont really have, but wish for others to see in them. It is a disguise for their ignorance and lack of bloody confidence, mates!

You chaps just WAIT until it aint the US patrollin the neighborhood anymore. Oh lawd have mercy that aint gonna be a pretty day. Just wait until ancountry like China or Russia or some consolidated force of middle eastern country bypasses the US in capability. You will rue the day you cursed the order tour country maintains. Does it indeed take some spoils for its troubles? Oh indeed it does mates. Indeed indeed. Thats how life works. But mates you oughtta appreciate how benevolent the USA runs things vs the alternatives. Imagine if USA hadnt had the might to defend Europe from the Nazis. You think USA is a big meanie? Guess you blokes would have preferred the Nazis, huh? Or maybe you'd prefer North Korea. Because without USA keepin everyone safe, it wouldnt be Switzerland tryin to take over the world and bring about a fondu utopia. Itd be a North Korea, or Iran, or someone who aint nearly got the belief in freedoms the ol stars and stripes promotes.
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