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Default Re: Last Resort Discussion Thread: Plot discussion spoilers, etc

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
I'm really liking the look of the show. That island looks amazing.

Second episode comments. I did not expect the Spetnatz. That seems to be a whole giant new aspect to the story.

However, a doubt started to creep in. Didn't we just nuke Pakistan? Wouldn't the world be going apeshit? The global aspects to the story and all the possibilities you can imagine just seem to beyond the budget of a TV show.

Also what do you think the timeframe for this story is going to be? What do you do for a second season?
I didnt expect the spetnaz ether but it fits in with the story(they have a highly desirable tech on the sub, of course good ol commies will try at it). Im also thinking the chick responsible.for putting in that tech will help out the captain in major ways.

But yeah, for having nuked an entire country to pieces, the world seems rather peaceful. I think the unraveling of mysteries will keep it going for a while if they dont kick the show to curb which i would be very mad about. Sort of like lost, did u watch that show? They alernated between past events and present events to unfold the story.
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