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Default Re: Rockets/Jazz Trade Idea

People on the Jazz board have been saying that one for ages. Seems to work for both. Jefferson would be an excellent fit next to Asik who could cover his D issues. Jazz would probably need to sign 1-2 more bigs however as they've done a lot of work to fill in the 2-3 spot and run 4 deep at each position, but only have the 4 guys to play PF-C positions. Until the Raja Ball situation is figured out they won't be able to do that.

Bringing in Martin would give you two shooters in Williams and Martin in the backcourt, which could certainly open up things inside for Favors and Kanter. Only problem is it means less time for Burks and Hayward, although Hayward could split minutes between 2 and 3 with Marvin Williams.
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